Monitoring system Thor V4.0

Monitoring system to record the decoring hammers frequency in real time.

The monitoring system Thor V4.0 is a very important tool to record the decoring hammers frequency by functioning. This device is connected to the hammers through the RB2000 sensors and it allows to control at the same time the frequency of up to 4 hammers.

It is possible to display data and set parameters from remote PLC or directly on the 5’’ touchscreen, save, transfer and storage them through the USB OTG input and inner SD card allowing specific analysis like lifespan, beating frequency and efficiency.


OPTIONAL PROTOCOLS: CAN open, Device NET, Modbus TCP, Profinet, Ethernet PowerLink, Ethernet-IP, EtherCAT, Serial RS232, Serial RS485/RS422

INPUTS/OUTPUTS: digital inputs, 8 relay outputs, 4 analog inputs


Main Features
  • Possibility to save the recorded data allowing specific analysis

  • 5.7’’ touchscreen with clear and friendly graphics

  • Reduced dimensions

  • USB-input for data saving, transferring and storaging through pen drive

  • Possibility to use different communication protocols


The sensors to be connected to the monitoring system Thor V4.0 allow to check the decoring hammers frequency and therefore their efficiency in real time. They can be set up on the external jacket of hammer RVC70 or inside the jacket in a dedicated housing of hammer AF1470.

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